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Our Story

Our Story

About us

Premiere Creams is owned and operated by Rylan & Charity Overholt in the countryside of Auburn, KY.

 We are a couple who loves the Lord, and our prayer is that Christ would shine through in all our dealings with each one of you.

We consider our customers as friends, and love hearing stories on our puppies after they have been purchased and what they might find themselves occupying their time with in their new homes.

Our goal and desire is to be a trustworthy, dependable company, that offers puppies raised in a clean and healthy environment, and prepare them to be the best pets possible. As a smaller breeder farm, our goal is to focus on quality over quantity. We are very concerned with the health of our dogs, and regularly engage the services of a licensed veterinarian. Our dogs and puppies are vaccinated by a veterinarian, and receive health certificates before leaving for their new home.

We offer a one year health guarantee against all genetic or hereditary diseases. Please click on our 'Health Guarantee' link for further information.

We so much appreciate you (our customers) and want to do all we can to ensure you a wonderful experience. We are constantly looking for ways to improve, and would love to hear feedback from you on Testimonials. God bless each one of you.

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