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English Golden Retrievers

Where did they come from?


English Cream Goldens do not actually come from England, as one may think. They actually come from Scotland, in the mid 1800s, when lord Tweedmouth bred a Tweed Water Spaniel and a yellow, wavy coated retriever. In the early 1900s, all dog shows in Britain were held in England, so in America we called the champions of those dogs, English Champions. 

The "English" stuck with the goldens, that look like the English champions in those days. So today, years later, we're calling them "English" Cream Golden Retrievers.

What is their size?

English Cream Golden Retrievers are a medium to large sized breed when fully grown. A female English Cream Golden Retriever ranges in height between 20-22 inches. Males range between 22-24 inches in height. The English Cream Golden Retriever's weight falls between 55-75 pounds, depending n male or female breeds.

What is their personality?

A sweet, calm nature is the hallmark of the breed. The Golden was bred to work with people, and is eager to please his owner. Though hard-wired with a good disposition, like all dogs, the English Cream must be well raised, and well trained, to make the most of his heritage. Like every dog, the Golden needs early socialization (exposure to many different people, sights, sounds, and experiences) when they're young. Socialization helps to ensure that your golden puppy grows up to be a well-rounded dog.

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